Chematek can act as consultants, designers and engineers on any water treatment project, large or small.


The specialist team at Chematek can look after each step of the procurement phase, including preparing tenders, drawing up contract documentation and specifications, and undertaking supplier research, selection and price negotiation.


Chematek’s extensive experience and expertise means the most demanding of standards are met and even the most complex water treatment projects are completed as specified.

Project management

Chematek brings the skills and experience needed to manage entire water treatment projects, from planning and design, to construction, commissioning and review.

Technical advice

Rapid access to the expertise and experience of the Chematek team, including its chemists and engineers, as well as its analytical tools, specialist software and laboratories.

Remote monitoring

Chematek can provide a full range of remote monitoring services, including accurate analysis of flow rates and chemical levels, as well as alarm monitoring.


Chematek provides a wide range of technologically advanced chemicals for the treatment of:

  • Raw water – aluminium sulphate, ferric chloride, poly aluminium chloride (PAC), proprietary flocculants and coagulants
  • Drinking water – chlorine, sodium hypochlorite, mineral salts
  • Boiler feed water – oxygen scavenger, antiscalant, neutraliser, multifunctional packages
  • Cooling water – corrosion inhibitor, antiscalant, biodispersant, biocide
  • Demineralised water – sodium meta bi-sulfite (SMBS), antiscalant, acid cleaner, alkaline cleaner
  • Wastewater – sludge dewatering additives, sludge thickening additives, biological membrane cleaner

Project managementTraining

At handover and beyond, Chematek provides full training in all aspects of plant operation.

Spare parts

Chematek ensures you get quick, easy access to spare parts when required.


Chematek offers full-stack maintenance programs and dedicated post-sales assistance, creating a long-term partnership.